Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just Rambling

This past week I went back to work full time. Where DOES the summer go? It's always a huge adjustment to my body to go back to work after a summer of staying up late, sleeping in and just following no particular schedule.

I went to the doctor yesterday and as I was leaving she asked if she could be excited for me since....YES, I reached my 10% this week at Weight Watchers. That means I lost 10% of my weight which is always a big milestone. Our leader asked me to fill out a post it type note saying how I felt in reaching that goal and I said I was "Excited, energized and motivated!" I know this is the time in my life where it's time to make a good change in myself and my mind is made up to do it! I've even added some walking to what I'm doing. My neighbor, Judi, motivates me to do all this. She's reached 54 pounds lost since March! She uses the Leslie Sansone walk DVD's each day and so I thought I'd try it. Well, let me tell you, it's DIFFICULT! The first time I did it I could only do 1/2 mile and I had to stop. With determination though, a few days later I walked the whole mile! (Judi does 2 miles and uses weights...go girl!) There are no excuses anymore and I'm also just as determined that once I lose I will NOT be gaining! I like how it feels that I can again feel a waist and that people are starting to be able to notice a difference. Yes, I'm heavy enough that 36 pounds lost isn't a huge difference. This week we talked about if anyone has trouble seeing their goal and I said I did. Our leader asked why and I said because I have so much to lose that I don't want to focus on that far away or I might lose sight so my goal is only to keep losing! We all thought that was smart thinking.

One of the biggest changes I feel myself going through is that as I lose this weight my self-esteem is improving. I feel better about ME! I've been having trouble with someone verbally abusing me online recently and after a recent day of them telling me that they hoped I'd drown in my pool, I'd had enough! I blocked them from sending me email and all IM's greetings, everything. The only problem is they will once a day text me and I can't block that but I'm not giving them an audience by answering so I hope that if I don't acknowledge them, they won't be sure I'm getting them, and will stop. I write more here than I share with anyone online so how can someone not really know ME and yet be telling me I'm lazy and calling me awful names? I feel good about ME now and what I'm accomplishing and I'm NOT letting them take me down. If you don't like me, then do us both a favor and stay away.

OK, that's my vent and ramblings for today. I have some cleaning to do since I'm the only one home and then it's supposed to be nice so I'm going to spend lots of time in the pool....and not drowning! lol

I hope you have an awesome weekend and do something good for YOU because YOU deserve it!

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