Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Big Mouth

Did you ever say something and then wonder later why the heck you did that? Tonight at Weight Watchers I was telling my neighbor how I was looking last night at her and how skinny she is and that I've lost almost the same amount of weight and yet people aren't sure I've even lost including one of my best friends this week. I actually cried a bit telling her. I'm THRILLED at her success I just wish it was as visible with me. It's not her fault I need to lose what I do, but yes, I admit, I was jealous. It reared it's ugly head and got me. Unfortunately.

Now tonight I feel horrible that I may have hurt her feelings which was NOT my intent. How do you take words back? I know you can't. I did text her apologizing and haven't heard back which increases my agony that I've hurt her. She's been such an AWESOME friend and inspiration each day and week along this journey. Without her, I'd not have lost what I have.


Oh...I lost another pound. That's 47.6 now. I want to be at 50 so bad I can taste it but it wasn't to be this week.

Tomorrow is another day.

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