Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thank You

Thank you to all those of you who have visited my blog and participated in the blog train that Truly Inspired held this week. I'm astounded by how beautiful everyone's things turned out and how many times we all had things downloaded. I'm glad I could participate in such a wonderful event.

Life is good right now. We're settling into the routine of school being back in even though I am still very tired from the early hours of waking. We were so busy last weekend that I think that really helped that feeling drag on. This weekend has been a lot more peaceful. My son FINALLY started his Scout Eagle project yesterday. They dug the holes for the posts that they are now there again today going to cement in. I'm so glad for our wonderful leadership. Our Scoutmaster asked me yesterday if I ever thought I'd see this moment and I had to honestly answer NO! He laughed and said, "Spoken like a true Scout Mom." I know my son will thank me later in life that we pushed him to finish this. As I read in the book written by the late Randy Pausch, "Being an Eagle Scout is the only thing that still looks good on your resume at 45."

I'm down 44.4 pounds as of this past week so that part of life is going well also. As I was explaining to my dear friend Mental this morning, it's like as the pounds drop away so do many of my worries. I find myself having a more positive attitude and taking things in stride. Those I work with have really noticed this too.

I'd love to hear how YOUR life is. Feel free to leave a comment or 10. :-)

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