Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just Ducky

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go into Pittsburgh and take a Ducky Tour. Now, I've done this in the city of Baltimore many years ago and LOVED it so I was hopeful that the one in Pittsburgh would be as much fun. Although it's only an hour long and the Baltimore one is an hour an a half. I'd have preferred a longer time since we were having so much fun we weren't ready to disembark. I HIGHLY recommend one of these Ducky Tours if they are near you. You go on a tour of the city through the streets and then they take you into the water. YES, in the same vehicle. It's SO much fun. We quacked at people as we'd stop at red lights and learned a lot of neat facts. (Who knew Pittsburgh had so many bridges!!! 446 for those of you curious)
Although it's a bit pricey (I recommend going with a group so you get the cheaper rate) it is very worth it! You get on the tour outside of the Hard Rock Cafe where we had lunch and I'd also recommend that. It was a GREAT day!

Just Ducky Tours

Also had another successful week at Weight Watchers. I lost another 1.2 pounds for a total of 54.4. My neighbor also met her goal this week. We were very happy and I was so excited for her. She always said she wanted to shop at Victoria's Secret so I bought her a gift card. I told her it might only buy a string but I was so proud of her I wanted her to be able to celebrate some. *big smiles*

Hope things are good in YOUR life!!!

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Tee said...

Hello Denise,
First let me say thank you for trying my script, im glad you enjoyed it.

Now I want to say a massive WELL DONE YOU on the weight loss.

I have been on WW for a couple of months now and have lost 17lb. Doesnt it give you such a sense of acheivement? I feel great already, even though I still have about another 50lb to lose.

Keep up the great work hun
Tee xx