Saturday, November 1, 2008

A New Award

A big thank you to the sweet Pixie for giving me this award. Stop by and see her and her awesome site. She's VERY talented and a super person!

On to the award....
The rules of this award are to name 7 things that I love
and then pass the award to 7 people. So here it goes...

7 things that I love :
1. My family
2. My awesome friends offline and online
3. That I'm losing weight and feeling great again
4. my time online
5. my pool!!!! and all things SUMMER related!
6. music, reading, crafting, collecting penguins
7. that the good Lord blesses me each day with his gifts

7 Friends I Chose:

Not that I don't want to pass it along but I don't want anyone offended when they didn't get it or if they already did. So if you haven't had it, please take it and leave me a note. I LOVE looking at the blogs of others too! hehehe...always adding new thoughts after the fact!

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