Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ups and Downs

Life seems like such a roller coaster as of late.

Tonight at WW, I lost another 1.8 making a total of 93.4. Thanks to you all who have left encouraging notes about the loss. I'm on a journey and determined to see it through. I feel SO much better now though than when I started last June. Being able to buy some smaller clothes is also a big UP. My friend who is going to hem some pants for me today was lamenting because my pants are now smaller than hers and as long as I've known her she's been the smaller one. She wants my "diet" no matter how many times I say to her....it's not a diet....it's a way of life. :-)

Tonight we found out our meeting is being moved. The location isn't that much further but the time is just horrible. It's going to make it difficult for my reason to starting this journey to make it there every other week from work. We'll work it out I'm sure but I DO know we all 3 have decided with no discussion that we're following our leader and not changing nights because we like her and know that she's helped immensely on our journey. Just the time you get comfortable........

My BIG downer tonight was learning that my co-worker who is currently on medical leave is applying for another job for next year. Her husband already works in this district and it will be a LOT closer to home for her. While I understand all her reasons, my heart aches a bit because I'm missing her through 6 weeks of leave but I can't even imagine being there every day all year without her. She really brightens up the day and is a super person! Would it be so horrible to wish she stayed??? LOL

Isn't this thing called life something else? How are YOU doing?

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