Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sad Evening

This evening marked the last night we'll be having our meetings at the ambulance base. The meetings have outgrown the parking area available so Weight Watchers had to find somewhere new. While I'm sure the new place will be wonderful, I'm very sad tonight because not everyone from our group will be making the move with us. A number of people have decided that due to the meeting time changing and it being further away for some of them, they won't be making the move. So tonight was so bittersweet for us. We've formed real friendships with these people. You celebrate your highs and lows with them and their support has come to mean a lot to me. When I'm hardest on myself they are the ones who encourage me to hang in there and let it go. I only lost .2 this week so I guess my disappointment is even stronger because while I know I WILL make my 100 pounds....it won't be with a lot of the same people cheering me on. Yes, I know the new people will cheer because it is a huge accomplishment however, I really wish my friends I've made along the way would be able to be there when I do. I know they'll continue thinking of us as we think of them. Thank goodness we'll still have Kelly, Winnie and Debbie!
To all we've done and accomplished and will yet accomplish...... CHEERS!

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