Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Winner

So you know I went scrapbooking this weekend and I LOVED it! We had a really good time and the ladies sitting next to us were just fabulous! We asked to sit next to them next time. It was great fun and I got 7 pages done. Yes, not a lot, but for me and first time scrapping I thought that was pretty good. I did a double page layout for the first page(s) and when I was done and showing my sister, she told one of the ladies near her who announced it and everyone clapped and the ladies near us did the wave. I could have crawled under the table! LOL But they were wonderfully supportive. I can't wait to do more now!

One of the things we were given was a letter or number made of chipboard and our job was to design something to go with that letter or number. When we were done, they were all shown and displayed for everyone to vote on. Believe it or not, out of 13 entries, I WON!!! Talk about shocked! One lady near us even wanted to buy it and took a picture of it on her cell phone so she could recreate her own. LOL

I had a TERRIFIC time! I can't wait to do it again in the fall. Meanwhile, I'm sure to be looking for some crop time in the near future.

Check out The Crop-Shop. They offer a lot of classes and are WONDERFUL owners. So friendly and helpful! They sponsored this Spring Fling Crop. Way to go ladies and THANKS!

sorry the picture isn't clearer but that's how it came out

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