Sunday, April 26, 2009


We are having some FABULOUS weather which makes my computer time almost nonexistent on weekends. Yesterday we were gone almost all of the day and when we were home, we were outside enjoying the weather. I've even helped my hubby rake the leaves out that have gone down the sides around the pool. Normally I'd just sit and watch him. It's so much easier to move without all that extra weight.
Today is going to be another beautiful day and hubby and son will be working the Lion's Chicken BBQ so I'll be home all afternoon by myself but I have plenty to do. I've absolutely got to clean my house. Being on the run all the time doesn't make for a clean house. That's at the top of my list of priorities today. I also need to work on my son's board we're making to display his Scout pictures. Hard to believe his Eagle dinner is next Sunday.
This is going to be an extremely busy week. I have to take son to the oral surgeon tomorrow to talk about his wisdom teeth coming out, then going to my Mom's to make cookies. Tuesday is WW. Wednesday I have to make more cookies. Thursday is water aerobics and then Friday I have to make any dishes we'll be taking on Sunday. By planning ahead I hope to not be in a panic that morning. Saturday we'll be in Bridgeport, WV for the Scottish Festival and Celtic Gathering....for son's bagpipe band that will be competing that day. I also want to work in some walking each day. Whew!
Hope YOU are having a great week!

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