Sunday, April 19, 2009

Random Thoughts

I seem to have a lot of random thoughts swirling around in my head so hopefully if I just voice them all, they'll leave me alone for awhile. LOL

-I worked at McDonalds through high school and college and it's my favorite fast food joint still however, after getting my son some food last weekend, the smell of the fries made me want to gag. Wendys yesterday had the same effect. The smell of grease was just nauseating.

-I think all the prom shopping is done...tux and flowers ordered, shoes, bra and purse bought. Now to make another appt for her to have her dress fitted.

-Working on a website for our WW Walk group...more info to come soon

-Still need to go through my clothes and get the huge ones out of why do I keep procrastinating this? Shouldn't I be thrilled to get rid of them?

-It was exciting to go to the store and try on clothes that are XL and have them fit when I used to wear 3x. I told hubby he has to keep me out of the plus size of the shops now since I tend to still gravitate towards them.

-Why do people have to be so mean? Is it jealousy? One of my friends hasn't talked to me since she asked my weight and I told her 100 pounds less than what I was and she wasn't happy with that answer. *sigh* I also had someone tell me at the grocery store the other night that if I go off plan once it won't kill me....staying ON plan is what works for me.....why would I vary that???

-Why can't it be 70 and stay 70?

-Wondering when I'll find time to scrap again or the desire to make the thank yous I need to do. I'm SUCH a procrastinator!


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