Sunday, May 3, 2009

Eagle Scout & Mom

I'm proud to say that my son is now a full fledged Eagle Scout. We held his Scout dinner along with 4 other boys. I think that makes 31 for this troop which is an excellent accomplishment and says a lot about their leaders. My hubby was quite tickled that our son chose him as his mentor. None of the other kids chose their Dad so he felt very special. I cried when our friend Connie read the Mother's Poem and the boys presented the mothers with 7 roses to signify their journey through Scouts. I'm one proud Eagle Scout Mom as my new pin says.
A few snags along the way with my MIL acting like a bratty child, but in all, I'm not letting it ruin the wonderful memories we have of the day and all our son has accomplished.
Will post pictures once my camera has new batteries in it again. Yep, it died right at the end when we were taking pictures with family.

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Diane Duda said...

Congrats on being the mom of an Eagle Scout! I don't think my boys lasted a week in scouting.

And thanks so much for voting for Flyght. We REALLY appreciate it. :)