Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weigh In

Tonight's weigh in went well. I lost 2.8 pounds this past week for a total of......109! WOOHOO! Even got a bravo since we were in Bridgeport, WV all day Saturday and Sunday was my son's Eagle dinner and I STILL lost! There was a guy at our meeting I've not seen before and he's lost 135 pounds. WOW! He's thin now and I looked at him wondering if I'll ever look like that. But I DO know that answer and I WILL. My determination to lose this weight is just not wavering. I'm still dedicated to Keep Moving and Keep Losing! I still don't do nearly as well on the moving part as I should but know I will as my life settles down some. He also spoke on how staying positive is a big part of the process. Instead of using the .....You Look Great compliment with oh but I have so much more to lose....CELEBRATE what you HAVE achieved. Stay positive and believe in yourself. We're much too hard on ourselves.

Tomorrow we're off to pick up my son's tux for the prom. How cool is THAT!

How are YOU doing?

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