Wednesday, June 10, 2009

20th Anniversary

Today is our 20th wedding Anniversary. WOW, where does time go?
It's not always been easy and we've had our share of ups and downs but what couple doesn't?
He came home at lunch with 20 pink roses(gorgeous!) and 2 new charms for my Pandora bracelet. One he thought was pretty and the 2nd is the Penguin I've been wanting. YAY! We're going out to dinner tonight but I have NO idea of where.
Since he doesn't read my blog, I can tell you I bought him tickets to go see Dwight Yoakam at Wheeling Island Stadium on Friday. He just loves him. I didn't give him them yet since I don't have a card. Oops! We're also going to go see about a plain wedding ring since his was too big and he lost it while working on our son's Eagle project. Even with the metal detector he can't find it. :(
Wishing you ALL a happy day!


Diane Duda said...

Happy Anniversary!
and, of course, GO PENS!

Miggins said...


huggs all round