Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gift and Stanley Cup!

We went last night to Wheeling Island Casino to the stadium next to the casino to see Abby Abbandanza and Dwight Yoakam (my anniversary gift to hubby) We had general admission seats which meant we sat in the stadium seats but I have to tell you, I think we had better seats than those on the floor. We enjoyed both concerts immensely. After watching Abby with Poverty Neck Hillbillies for so many years, it's nice to see him making it on his own. He then hosted an after show in the casino. We didn't get to stay as long as I'd have liked (an hour an a half drive is a killer) but he's a great performer. We did buy his CD so I'll be able to continue to enjoy. You could tell when Dwight was talking between songs that the man was sick with a cold but he put on an awesome show. Other than being uncomfortable with the seats, we really enjoyed ourselves. Did just a little gambling and came out a dollar ahead. LOL I'd like to go back again since it's a bit overwhelming the first time. Someone who has gone before needs to take me and educate me a bit! LOL

To add to such a perfect night we had updates from Judi (thanks sweetie) all through the game......and wasn't it nice for the PENS to give us the best part of our gift.....


Even though we didn't get to watch the game, we waited nervously for Judi's updates all through the game. WAY TO GO PENS!!!

Will be working on graduation party stuff today.....hope you have a FABULOUS day!!!

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Diane Duda said...

Yes! It's a great time to be from Pittsburgh!!!
Clarks were great. We were right up front which is good, but can be uncomfortable also.
Scott's little girls kept getting away from Denise (who is pregnant again) and running out on stage with him. Too cute!