Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Out the Door!

It's been a super busy week with trying to get things done for my son's graduation party this weekend. My mind is going continuously and last night I only slept 4 hours because I couldn't quiet all the thoughts. I have one more trifold board to do of his pictures but have all the pieces ready to go. Today it's supposed to rain so he's not working and I told him and his girlfriend I was dragging them grocery shopping. They both were agreeable to that yesterday but we'll see what today brings. That's the big thing on my list of things to do today. Tomorrow is cleaning up the house and then Friday I go with him for his placement test at the college and will be cooking all day! Now everyone hope for nice weather on Saturday!

On Sunday, my hubby was nice enough to say I could buy the Cricut machine. I asked my sister last night if I could borrow her cartridges while they go to Disney next week and she said yes so I've got to make sure I get those. Am having a great time with it already!

Yesterday was my youngest niece's dance recital. It was very different with Tales of the Darkside music the 2nd half but yet it was VERY cool! Seeing a 5 year old with teased out "WILD" hair was quite a site. LOVED the show and it's amazing how much she's changed in that year. Her cousin also did a FABULOUS job!

Weight Watchers was a success last night. Lost another 3.2 pounds. GONE.....OUT THE DOOR! Was great seeing Donna there too!

Listening to it rain....can't I go back to bed??? LOL
Have a SUPER day!

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