Friday, July 31, 2009


The past few days have been very difficult. Without going into all the details I'll just say one of my nieces left home in the middle of the night a few weeks sister and BIL finally found out where she was living. When they saw the place over this past weekend they cried. They've been trying to just keep communication open since then and I'd offered to go pick her up at any time. Tonight the call came asking us to get her. She knew we were coming and had agreed to come with us. We were on the phone with my BIL when we came to a bridge that was closed. The detour was going to take us about 9 miles around and we all had no idea where it would come out. We were probably 2 miles into that detour when we had a call saying that my niece bailed. She loaded up all her stuff in her boyfriends car and was gone. Now we have no idea where she might be. She's 18. I cried the whole way home knowing we'd been within 10 minutes of her probably. She might not have come with me even then but at least I could have talked with her and assured her we love her. I'm absolutely heartbroken.

Stress doesn't do good for losing weight....but somehow right now....that's last on my mind.

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