Thursday, July 2, 2009


I'm home yesterday afternoon just puttering around (where DOES the time go in a day when you don't work???) and the phone rings. Now we have caller ID and I admit there are a lot of calls we don't take. Seeing this call come in from a local paper I figured it was a sales pitch. Did some things around the house and listened to the message, yep, she even left a message, to hear a lady asking for me to call her back. So I'm thinking there is a problem with my subscription or something and I call her back. Boy was I wrong!

She interviewed me. ME! For an article she's writing to promote the Bushy Run 5k that is coming up in a few weeks. Linda, the organizer, gave her my name and number. She wanted to know what motivated me to participate in this 5k. So I explained that a year ago I joined Weight Watchers and in that time have lost over 100 pounds. Specifically, I'd hit 125 this past week. WW had challenged us awhile back to become involved in a 5k and since Bushy Run has been battling funding problems, we thought that it would be a great place to go. Let alone it's 2 minutes from my house! So we banded together and have a website and other members who are also walking with us. I explained how my hubby and friends from work are all walking with me. She asked me what my reason was for doing this to which I had to tell her. It's personal achievement. A year ago I could never have done this but I also thought I couldn't lose the weight and look at where I am today so I won't win this race but I WILL finish. There are 2 big hills in the walk, but I know with all my friends walking with me it won't be a problem. It's best explained that Kelly, our leader, is going on vacation next week. She'll return late Saturday night but yet she's signed up to walk with us. Her hubby commented that she was crazy and her comment has stuck with me....if Denise can lose 100 pounds the least I can do is support her in this walk.

Now who could ask for better friends??? What a journey it continues to be. So keep an eye out in the local papers for an article. Maybe I won't even be mentioned but the accomplishment I already feel has really been a high this week! Sadly, I don't know what paper she even mentioned, but I find today, it doesn't matter. I'm not doing this for fame or fortune. This is for me...the new me!

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Jessica said...

Congrats on both the interview and the weight loss. But most of all, on having friends like that who will stand up with you. And if you haven't erased the caller ID, the name of the paper should be right there. Call them and find out when the paper comes out. You might not know when or even if you'll be in it. But you can get the article she writes. Good luck with the race!