Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the Excitement Builds

Tonight's meeting Kelly promised that next week she has lots of special things up her sleeve. Before the meeting we'd talked about my part in some of that surprise. Can you say bundle of nerves? OK, I know I'm a teacher and should be used to being in front of a crowd but the truth is it's very difficult for me to talk in front of a group. Even tonight when Kelly asked me to tell about my journey for some of the new people...I find myself trying to be quick and finished. I believe it's from battling self esteem the size of a pea but let me tell you...next week is BIG for me. I'm EXCITED! I've already been asking all my friends to be there for support. The only thing saving my butt is the fact that I go back to work tomorrow and will be exhausted. LOL I don't think nudging will be required though.

Hope to see you there and if you can't be, read all about it here after Tuesday! It means a lot to me. OH, and I almost forgot....I lost .6 this week. Nothing earth shattering but hey..it's a loss. My dear friends Judi and Hollee have been motivating my butt to get up and MOVE. We've walked the 5k path twice in the past few days. WHEW. A year ago, I could barely go to the end of the block and back. Walking around the whole block was unheard of. Now I'm walking a 5k. Life IS good!