Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another 5 bites the dust!

After a few hard weeks of very small loses, this week I lost a pound which gives me an even 135! WOOOTTTTT! I looked at Claudia, who tonight made her goal, and I kept thinking, I want to be her! I have to stop being so dang lazy about exercise and get serious. This last 43 pounds is going to be a LOT harder to lose than the first 135 but I know I'm going to do it! I know I CAN do it and I WANT to do it!

So keep an eye on this space....you're going to see me announcing that I'm the one making goal. Might not be a month from now or even three, but I WILL do it!




YOu can do it. Wow you have lost sooooo much!
Congrats to you!!

Also your blog looks adorable. !!!

Denise said...

Thank you very much :-)