Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Well, I think my nerves have settled enough now to type! LOL

Kelly asked me to come to our weekly meeting an hour early because someone from Weight Watchers was going to be there to interview me. Mary was delightful and did her best to make me be at ease while she shot the video. Yes, on camera even! LOL She's the Pittsburgh representative for Weight Watchers who is going around to recognize what people have going on for the Lose for Good campaign.

Our kickoff began with Kelly securing 135 pounds of food donations from the Giant Eagle and Shur Save stores. When I walked in and saw all that food stacked on the table, I was astonished to say the least. That used to be on my body!!! Talk about a real wake up. It's an incredible feeling to be able to recognize how far I've come since last June. Better yet, the health benefits I'm able to enjoy are even better. I'm down to just a small dose of blood pressure medicine and I can WALK which a year ago just going to the end of the street and back was all I could do. When I showed a few people my "before" pictures they couldn't believe it was actually me. Yes, it was. But I'm proud of who I am now even as I continue my journey towards losing.

That 135 pounds of food was then donated in my name to one of our local food banks. Talk about being proud. The men from the food bank came to pick up the food and congratulated me. The local newspaper also came and took some pictures.

So I'm floating tonight. My friends all came to the meeting tonight to show support too. How fabulous to have such wonderful people in my life. THANKS EVERYONE!

(oh and only a .4 loss this week but that gives me the even 134)
Here's what 135 pounds of food looks like. One before the meeting and one after.


Becca said...

Way to go, Denise! I sorta had an idea, that when you mentioned a "big announcement" in one of your earlier blog posts, that it had something to do with "Lose For Good". Our WW leader, Christine, talked about that last week, so we'll be participating in that campaign, also. Congratulations! :)


Wow, Denise that is just sooooo neat. I bet you just wanted to cry! Congrats to you, girl!