Sunday, October 11, 2009

Busy Busy Times

It's been an incredibly busy week! For me to not even post, it not ordinary. LOL

Tuesday, I went to WW and lost .8 this week. Still a loss but I'd like to do better.
Wednesday, I spent the day at Twin Lakes Park for "You've Got a Friend Day" which the parks and rec dept does each year for special needs children. It was extremely cold, but the kids really enjoyed it.
Thursday night I went into Pittsburgh with my fantastic friends and we saw Cirque du Soleil's show "Alegria" and boy was it a show. FABULOUS! We went to dinner beforehand and between that and the show, I can't remember when I've laughed so hard. Laughing is so good for your soul.
Friday I did a bunch of shopping after school and then came home to have dinner and take my son and his girlfriend out shopping. When I was struggling a good way back, it was because they had told us they were having a baby! A Grandma at 46. NEVER saw that coming so it was quite a shock. While I still worry continuously about how they'll raise at baby at 18 and 19, I've come to terms with it all. Her Stepmom and I are planning a baby shower in November. So that's been taking a LOT of my time lately.
Saturday, we spent the day in Ligonier for Fort Ligonier Days. While it rained a bit during the parade it ended up being a beautiful day to walk around and look at all the crafts. We stopped so Amy's stepmom and I could go over shower stuff, went out to dinner and came home.
Today we're heading to one of the girl's farm from the pipeband and going through their maze. Check it out: Gearhard Farms. Then we're going to get Amy and Zach registered for the baby shower. TONS of stuff going on.
I've made 2 cards recently due to the motivation of others online but will post those another time.
Hope YOU are doing well!

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