Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another Goal

Tonight I made another goal of mine......I have now lost 150.4 pounds!!! WOOHOO! Only 17 more to go until I reach my lifetime goal. (Well, OK, I want to go 10 below that but we'll see.) A new guy asked me how long I've been doing WW. It's been since last June. I also shared that I think this Christmas may be harder than last because this Christmas I REALLY want those cookies and all the goodies associated with Christmas. My determination to get to my lifetime goal though is a lot stronger that I'm giving that food the power to have over me again. I caved before. I showed I couldn't eat just 1. I love food and eating. What a powerful drug. However, I refuse to let it win anymore. This time I am in charge. I make the choice to say no thank you. I make the choice to lose. Even if I gain next week, it's just a temporary setback. Keep your eyes here because come spring I will be telling you I've reached my lifetime goal. Then we'll all celebrate!
Thanks for all your encouragement. It means a LOT to me!

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