Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Emma's 1st week

I thought I'd share some pictures of Emma and her 1st week. She's a VERY good baby who is only fussy when she wants to eat. She's a real joy!

Great great Grandma Rose and Emma

Daddy, Emma and Mommy enjoying being home

Pap and Emma looking at a balloon from Aunt Kayla
Emma enjoying her boopy chair in her cute frog outfit

Mommy and Emma on the day Emma saw the doctor for the first time. She went from 8.4 when she left the hospital on Friday to 8.11 on Monday. :-)


Jessica said...

Just adorable!!! New babies are always such sweet additions to a home. Congrats.

Melissa S said...

Emma is such a beauty!! Tell Amy she looks wonderful!!

lindajo88 said...

Keep them coming... I could look at pictures of this precious little angel all day! She is absolutely gorgeous... so bright and alert. I just want to hug her!!! Thanks so much Denise for sharing these pictures with us.