Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Tonight's meeting was about inspiration.  Who gives you inspiration?  So I'm giving a HUGE shout out to those who gave me inspiration and continue to do so.  If it wasn't for these ladies, I don't know where I'd be in life.

Judi gave me the courage to get through the door that first meeting.  After watching how successful she was, I thought I could do it too.  She's the one I ran across the street when I didn't know what the heck I was going to eat for breakfast because everything I used to eat was too high in points.  She encouraged me and still does.

Debi and Donna, the sisters at my meetings who are so full of life you can't help but smile when with them.  They'd lost 60 and 90 pounds and that was the most I'd ever actually met someone who'd lost that amount of weight.  Again, I remember listening to them and thinking that I could be them and do it too.  Thanks for that push in the right direction girls.

Kelly motivates me weekly with her enthusiasm for the WW program.  She's lived it and she knows it works.  Through all the ups and downs that happen called life, it works if you work it.  It can't do it on it's own.  How easy would that be if it could?  I can't imagine life at our meetings without her. (and no, I'm not just throwing that in there Kelly cause you said your hubby wants you to quit...I'd truly miss you!)

The people at our meetings each week who are living the program.  Who struggle.  Who celebrate their successes.  I struggle and celebrate with each of them.  It's a place I've been and will be again.  It  inspires me to keep going on.  Being determined to get the final 10 off and make my goal.  I'm .6 closer this week.  I can't wait to celebrate with everyone....including those who comment frequently here and offer your support.  THANKS to you all!

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