Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lifetime Key

It's been a while since I've posted.  We were in Myrtle Beach for a week, came home and were gone 4 days later to one of my sisters who lives outside Indianapolis.  Now we're home.  WHEW

Last night was a HUGE night for me.  I found the hours of the day seeming as if they were stuck on the clock.  Time went very  slowly and my anxiety grew.  I knew I was down below my goal weight but not by a lot and I was afraid that the WW scale wouldn't be gracious.  I literally was deep breathing while driving to my meeting.  My  knees were shaking so hard I could barely walk down the steps to our meeting room.  I never expected to feel like that.  Winnie knew it was my big  night and as I came up to the scales she smiled at me.  I was thrilled she would be the one to weigh me in  because for a long time  my weight was our secret.  I still don't focus on the actual number but rather how good I feel now.  After watching her write the first 2 numbers down I let out a big sigh (well it felt like it to me) and felt I could have fallen over.  I DID IT!  I had maintained my goal weight for 6 weeks and was now a lifetime member of Weight Watchers.  What a journey it has been!!!    As Kelly began the  meeting we talked about snacks and then she started recognizing peoples bravos and 5  pound stars.  She finally started that she thought someone was holding out and asked a few people who played along saying they heard there was big news last night.  She passed around firecracker poppers, bubbles, and horns  and they all let them off for me.  She also had balloons and we did  our fireworks display for me (I'm sure most of Penn Township saw them).  It was a very special  moment in life when she handed me my lifetime key from Weight Watchers.

Has it been easy?  Heck no!  Do I think it will get easier?  Heck no!  Will I be able to eat anything I want   now?  Heck no!  Afterall, doing that is what got me in this position in the first place.  So in a lot of ways it's been a long time but yet it's the beginning of a new life in so many ways.  I'm happy within myself in ways I didn't think I wasn't before.  I have the ability to now do things that  had become difficult before...including going up and down steps or walking.  Most importantly is the sense of accomplishment I  now feel at setting out on this journey and not stopping until I reached the end.  I've been so overwhelmed with feelings because it's a day I never thought would be here and now here it is.  I'm DOING IT!  If  you're one of my friends   who reads my blog and is also on this journey I'd urge you to dig deep within yourself and I KNOW you can  do this too!

Last, my family and friends joined me at Dairy Queen.  I had my caramel sundae I'd been craving.  After not being there for 2 years I have to tell sure tasted good!  Before we'd sometimes have it 3-4 times a week.  The day  was truly special  and thanks to everyone who left a comment or was there whether in person or spirit.

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Melissa S said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! You are an inspiration for me. I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you.

Mental Notez said...

Sooo awesome!!! Woohooo!! You are amazing and so strong! I am so proud of you and so proud to call you friend!!
Thank you for the comments on my blog too. It really means a lot!