Monday, October 18, 2010


Our theme last week at the WW meeting was recharging yourself when you find yourself in that "slump."  Unfortunately, when I left that night I was feeling blah like I was in that slump.  But just the time you think you're slipping down that hole something happens to raise you up.  Exercise has always been my weakest link.  While I don't really mind doing it, I have a very difficult time finding time to do it.  The time I have for myself seems to shrink more each week as Emma grows.  However, she's the important priority that I have in life.  Today she climbed up the step into my kitchen.  8 months old and able to do that....oh my!
So while time is so limited we have joined Snap Fitness....a 24/7 gym.  I can't do any exercises with my arms because of my shoulder (hurting like the dickens as of late) but I figure if I walk on the treadmill that's more than I'm doing now and it's keeping me active.  So I absolutely MUST find time for me.  Not sure how I'll manage that, but I will accomplish it.  we all know what I can do once I make up my mind.  I also need to focus on making time for stamping.  I've made one card since coming home from the Baltimore Regional.  One.  *sigh*  But I did get my house clean tonight....and that's always a difficult chore any more too.
Tomorrow is another meeting.  I'm not sure I will make it since Amy has a mandatory meeting and Zach has to work so I'd have the baby.  Depends if she is napping when it's time to go.
Bedtime....another thing I'd like to do...get more sleep.  Wow my list is getting long!  lol


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