Monday, May 19, 2008


So I'm the first to admit that I love reading about the celebrities. I like seeing where they've jetted off to in the world and who is with who. I read People magazine weekly and also TV Guide which surprisingly has lots of little blurbs in it about celebrities.

Anyhow, the question I have today is when is it all too much? Even though I enjoy reading about these people and looking at pictures of them, I don't agree that everything they do should be public knowledge. Shouldn't they be entitled to their privacy too? Yes, they make a lot of money for what they do....but they provide that entertainment for me in whatever way be it movie or TV or even sports. As much as I'd like to earn what they do, they have the smarts or people who have the smarts to know how to market themselves. For most it's also a short lived career. I wonder how many sports stars find themselves broke later in life because they had no other "skill" to fall back on.

When is it enough? What's YOUR opinion???

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Mental Notez said...

I love to read about them as well and to see them on tv shows such as Entertainment Tonight. I think it is human nature to live vicariously through someone else. We are nosey creatures by nature. I am sure that part of it is longing to live like that but, a lot of it is simply curioustity. What we have to remember is, these are our fellow human beings and as such, deserve our respect and sometimes, empathy.