Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dreary Days

It's damp, windy, and dreary looking outside. It makes me feel like I could just crawl back into bed today and stay there. We have no plans for today which is probably a good thing. I looked out this morning watching all the water that has piled up again on top of the winter cover for the pool and felt a real yearning for it to be open. We had planned on staining the deck today. So much for those plans. It's been raining all week on and off. Plus hubby could never spray the deck itself with how windy it is.

Instead I've poked around online....looking at other's blogs. I see so many neat things I want to learn how to do on my own blog. I always have that thirst for learning more. Watch with me as I learn and hopefully grow.

Lastly......GO PENS!!!

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