Saturday, May 17, 2008


"No love or friendship can cross one or the other without having an effect on one or the other forever."

I just got home from a Scout Eagle banquet where the speaker used that quote that another Scout leader had told him in January and it's stuck with it. As he said it, it really struck a chord with me. He's right in that if our paths cross we will never be the same person because our lives have been touched by the other person in whatever way. That's so accurate.

I've been online for a long time and get tired of hearing people say , "It's only AOL." NO, I am still a person behind the screen and expect to be treated as such. I'm the moody one who has a heart of gold given the opportunity to express that. I'm shy and reserved too. But I'm me.

Leading me back to......"Tell Me More, Tell Me More".......from Grease. I LOVE to talk to people. Once I start to open up to someone there is no shutting me up. Ask my friends who I've had since high school! They look at me like I've lost my mind when I say I'm shy. No one can disagree though when they get to know me....I LOVE SUMMER! Hence the name of Summer Loving Gal. That's me! I love cooking on the grill for dinner, going swimming in our pool, having friends stop over to also swim, the warm weather, the long days, sleeping in, and many good times spent on our deck or our neighbors just talking the night away. Sometimes we have a fire or drinks but it's so nice to just be outside and enjoying life!

I'm looking forward to this world of blogging and hoping to find lots of things to write about. My mind never seems to stop and I love looking around the net and seeing what's out there in the world and places around me. Hopefully you'll stop back and spend some of that time with me and "Tell Me More, Tell Me More" with your comments!

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Mental Notez said...

My dear friend,
I loved visiting your blog today! You go girl!
You are intelligent, gifted and wonderful! It is a 'gift' to know you!
I so look forward to reading more from you!