Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you take a few minutes out of your day to say a prayer for those still serving to protect our country and for those who lost their lives doing the same.

Usually I'd be out with my son's bagpipe band today since they have 2 parades they play in. Unfortunately, when I woke up this morning I woke with the beginnings of a migraine. So my dilemma began. If I took my medicine I knew I'd have to lay down for an hour and sleep for it to work properly. So I laid on the couch trying to will it away. But the nausea had other ideas. Soon I was sick full blown. I had to admit I wasn't going to make it today. So I took my medicine and went back to bed. Now that I'm back up I feel better though the nauseousness is still lingering. I called hubby to check on them and he said he was glad I didn't go since he didn't want me to be miserable all day. Everyone had asked where I was and I could hear the band warming up in the background. About 15 minutes later the phone rang, and it was him saying it was really raining hard there! The weather lady said there was a chance of rain later but it would be scattered. Guess it was scattered there because it wasn't raining here. Nothing like having to march in the rain. I feel for my poor son!

So now I'll just do some laundry today and just take it easy. What kind of plans do you have with your family? Any particular tradition?

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