Sunday, May 25, 2008

Community Days

Yesterday we spent a delightful day at Greensburg Community Days. When you think about a holiday such as Memorial Day, I always think of those days when families all got together and the community had a big celebration. Well, that's what is happening this weekend in Greensburg. They had arts and crafts booths, a carnival with a lot of rides for the kids, FOOD booths....oh were those BBQ ribs good! But the best part of any festival like this for me is the music. There is a variety so that something will appeal to everyone. My son's pipe band played there and then after them, there was an oldies band. They were having a few rock bands later to appeal to the younger kids and the day was being topped off with fireworks.

It was a gorgeous day and as I sat people watching for a good while, it was nice to see the grandmas and grandpaps come in with their chairs and yet also see the young couples walking holding hands. Then you had the families pushing their strollers or chasing after their toddlers. The smiles on everyones face lit up the day. I find myself smiling a day later just thinking about it all. It was a wonderful way to spend part of our day. The day was topped off by going to the neighbors and sitting out on their deck with a fire in the pit last night. Summer is just around the corner!!!!

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