Friday, May 23, 2008


Today is my son's birthday! He's 17!!! Oh my gosh! Where did the time go??? I can still remember being up all through the night with labor pains and finally going into the hospital about 7 in the morning. My doctor had to go into Pittsburgh for surgery and told me as quick as I was progressing he thought I'd have the baby long before he got back. Well, no such luck. I ended up with an epidural and had Zach that afternoon after my doctor got back.

We had a very rough start to the day because he wanted to stay home from school and I said no. We battled horribly before he left and it weighed on my mind all day. I got home before him today and when he came in he sat down and apologized and said he'd been thinking about it all day and felt bad for the things he'd said.

So we went out to dinner at Red Robin and then picked up his grandma on the way home and had my sister and her family and my parents all come for cake and ice cream. He was even liking the clothes his dad picked out. When everyone left he came over to me and gave me a kiss and thanked me for all his birthday stuff.

Love does win them over I guess.......even if at times it has to be tough love.

Happy birthday my dearest son!

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