Thursday, May 22, 2008


Before I even begin I KNOW there are many people who cannnot stand the thoughts of reality tv. Well, I am not one of them. I greatly enjoy it and have since I watched the first Survivor and became hooked. Last night American Idol crowned a new idol of David Cook and I totally thought he deserved it! He brought a new, fresh sound to the show that has been lacking. I think even the show realizes that when they look back and see what a hit Chris Doughtery has become with his "rock" influence. I was also glad to see Kristi win on Dancing with the Stars this week. Although all along I had been silently cheering for Marissa, I was glad that if it couldn't be Marissa it was Kristi. As long as it wasn't Christian who for some reason I wasn't crazy about. I think without his injury, he'd have been gone long beforehand.

So for an hour each week I can lose myself in these people's world and sometimes with the places Survivor has visited, actually experience other cultures through the "joy of television." I don't care if others don't like it. Don't turn it on. I don't care if you say it's not really reality. I enjoy it! For that time each week, it becomes my reality too.

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