Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Tonight is supposed to be all about relaxing. So how come my body feels like I should be moving in action? We've been on the go so much lately I think it's forgotten how to relax. Watching tv isn't holding my attention, opening PSP has me feeling overwhelmed right now, I have at least 4 books started and yet nothing is keeping my attention. Instead my mind is racing to all the things I need to have done in the next few days. The places we need to go. The packing that will need done. By the end of the week I know my head is going to be spinning trying to figure out which way I should be going. But tonight I can be relaxing and I can't. I read a few lines of Barbara Walter's "Audition", I look at the mail, I think of the dishwasher that needs unloaded or the clothes that need to be washed. Oh wait, don't forget that the bug needs to go into the pool to clean it! Wait! Did I say relax?????

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