Monday, June 30, 2008

Rainy Monday

Today is a rainy Monday. Of course, it's been raining EVERY day lately. Some big storms too! Yesterday there was even a tornado warning. Just as we were ready to head out the door to our neighbors for a picnic dinner celebrating their youngest birthday later this week.

I'm proud of myself though. We went to two graduation parties on Saturday, out to eat Friday night and then the neighbors yesterday and I still stayed on my Weight Watchers! It wasn't easy believe you me! I SO wanted a piece of cake at those parties. I know that points wise I could have done it since I have points left over each day, however I also know that for me, avoiding that stuff right now is a necessity. I'm hoping when I go to my first weigh in tomorrow to have lost some. We shall see.

The rain has really hampered summer thus far. I haven't been in the pool for 2 weeks because it seems it rains daily or else is overcast and chilly. This rain is supposed to cool it down again although they are saying it will heat up some later this week. The water is no where near as warm as it was a few weeks ago. I can't remember ever not using the pool as much as we haven't this year. Hopefully that changes SOON!

The rain just makes you want to go crawl back under the covers!

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