Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Catching Up

I returned home Monday evening and it's been very busy since then. Had a nice visit with my sister and niece. We spent lots of time shopping and laughing. Told my niece she must have really been loving on me cause she never left the house all weekend unless it was with us and normally I know she's never home.

Since coming home, we've just been putting things away, grocery shopping, visiting my parents, swimming and then Weight Watchers last night. I'm down another 5 pounds which gives me a total of 25.6 so far. Yay!

Tonight we'll go see my son who is at Scout camp this week. Our friends are driving which will be a nice break for hubby. Feels like all we've been doing is spending time on the road. It's about an hour drive to see him tonight.

Soon I hope to have some time to do some scrapping again. Gotta do my part to contribute to our site and I've been sadly lacking in that department the past month.

Off to check out some more sites. If you have a chance, see my post on the Pittsburgh Zoo. They've had 2 new baby elephants born in July. SOOOO sweet those things are!

How are things with YOU?

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