Friday, August 1, 2008

Idewild Park

Today is our community day and I thought I'd share with you about the park where it's being held.

Idlewild Park is in Ligonier, PA. It's a great park for the young to old. The little ones can visit Story Book Forest where they'll find their favorite nursery rhymes. They also have a lot of rides geared for the little ones. One of our favorites was always the trolley ride at Mr. Roger's Neighborhood where you "Come Along, Come Along, to the Castle Hug and Song." There is also Jumpin' Jungle which is sure to tire them out a bit as they climb all over the ropes or jump in the ball pit.

Idlewild also has rides for the older kids. There is the Wild Mouse coaster and then the wooden coaster might not be as big as the new coasters these days, but it packs a punch. One of the favorite areas of the older ones seems to be the Soak Zone. There is huge pool, slides, and lots of fun things for all to do including the little ones who have their own area.

If you want to just kick back and relax a bit, you can visit Hootin' Holler where you'll find the Crooked House which is always one of my favorites. You can also catch a show there or maybe on the main stage. Our favorite Potato Patch fries can also be found in Hootin' Holler.

There are plenty of trees for shade and lots of benches if you just want to kick back and people watch. If you plan on bringing a picnic, you can always go to one of the new picnic groves the park has been putting in the past few years. It's a wonderful family park.

Admission is $26.95. The park opens daily at 10:00 a.m.

Idlewild Park

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