Monday, July 7, 2008

Good Times Good Memories

WOW! Has time flown by recently! We've been incredibly busy. On the 4th my son marched in a parade with the bagpipe band and then we had a picnic at the home of 2 of the members of the band. They are also wonderful enough to shuttle everyone back and forth to the parade from their home so you don't have to worry about parking. When we got home, my godson came over and hung out with my son while hubby and I went to our brother in laws parents to watch them set off some fireworks.

Saturday, it was finally nice enough to go to the Arts Festival. Had a few drizzles but was lucky enough that was all. We walked through most of the crafts, listened to some good music and enjoyed the food. I did buy a few new things for around the house. It really is an awesome way to spend a summer day especially with good friends.

Yesterday, hubby took our son to camp until Friday. Then we headed off to the bocce family picnic. He and I played bocce and had an awesome pair to partner with but lost our 3rd game. It was fun while it lasted.

Some other really great news the past few days has been that hubby has had a heart to heart with the new owner to be of the business he works, and his job is secure. That is a HUGE weight off our shoulders. I can't say he's still happy to be there but he knows he at least has somewhere to go every day and other options may open in the future. We also have Gordon, our cat, home with us. I took him to the vet Saturday morning and will take him back again today for another recheck. Giving him meds takes 2 of us, but everything is going much better.

One of the best things I've learned the last two weeks is that I can attend outside functions and still stay on my Weight Watchers. It's not been easy and takes so additional planning, but it works. I'm feeling good about myself that I can do that! Weigh in again tomorrow night so we'll see how it's really gone.

Hope everything is going well with YOU.

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