Thursday, July 10, 2008


I'm posting this today even though we're not leaving until tomorrow afternoon because I know how much I have to accomplish between now and then.

Tomorrow we leave for Garden City, South Carolina for a week. I can't wait! We've rented the condo where we're going two years ago and it's right on the beach and in excellent shape. After all the stresses of the past few weeks, we need to get away and just relax. I can't wait to just sit and watch the waves!

So I will see you after the 19th. Be well, safe, and happy!

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Mental Notez said...

I LOVE your new layout!!! Great look and feel!! Very pretty!
When you get back from vacation, you will have to show me on the new layout site, where the blogger layouts are. I couldn't seem to locate them. Have fun on vacation~