Thursday, September 4, 2008


It's been a busy week this week after spending a very relaxing weekend basically just swimming and relaxing. We went one evening to the neighbors while they had a fire in their pit on the deck. We ended up staying until almost midnight we were so involved in discussion. What a perfect night!

This week there seems to have been something going on every night with Weight Watchers one night, a nail appointment that was moved another and tonight we went to the steak fry at my hubby's Lion's club. It was very good but it ended up being a late night. It was also very hot in there and I have a headache now so shortly am heading to bed.

Soon the girls at Truly Inspiring and I will be doing something special so keep your eyes on the blog next week. :-)

It will be a very busy weekend with my son's bagpipe band playing 4 different places in 2 days so I probably won't be around much but I do check in if you want to leave me a message. It's nice to know SOMEONE is out there! LOL

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