Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Flying High

Tonight was our weekly Weight Watchers meeting and I lost another 2.6 pounds but.....hold on to your seat....I've now lost..........50.2! WOOHOO!!! I am SO dang excited! I reached a big milestone for myself tonight. It's the lowest I've weighed in at least 7 years. I'm so so so excited! It keeps me motivated and encouraged. It was nice to have the support of everyone at our meeting and get their hugs. I'm really proud of ME for doing this. For staying on the right course even when I have little pitfalls. We attended a wedding and a 50th birthday party this past weekend and I didn't even have cake at either party. I'm PROUD of my ability to say NO THANK YOU. I am now in control not the food!!!

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Mental Notez said...

WOW!! Super, super, super!! Amazing!! I am so very, very proud of you and excited for you!! Congratulations!!