Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Limited Time and bum Finger

My time has been severely limited lately. I usually try to sneak online at work for a bit since our evenings have been so busy. It just seems like something is going on every evening and weekends are filled with either my son's Eagle Scout project or some type of family event.

On top of all this, last Thursday I ripped my pinkie nail away from the nail bed (I'll spare you the details of how it happened) but on my regular visit to the doctor on Monday she informed me it's infected. So I'm on an antibiotic and have it in a splint type contraption to keep from bumping it. I also have fluid behind the ear so am on meds for that. I don't do well with new meds so I'm really dragging tonight. My son is sick so that doesn't make things any better.

Good news though....I lost another 3 pounds this week. Total of 53.2. My neighbor and biggest motivation is only .6 from making her goal. FOCUS is the word of the week!

I hope life is treating each of you good. I hope to have some PSP time sometime soon in the future.

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