Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hodge Podge

Happy Halloween to you all!

My niece and her other cousin came to trick or treat tonight since they'll be going to a football playoff game tomorrow night. They were so dang cute.

Seems like we've been SUPER busy lately. Over the weekend we had a wedding on Saturday while our son went and played with the bagpipe band at the college football game. Then Sunday hubby and son went and worked on his Eagle project while I went to a Breast Cancer Awareness luncheon. One of my best friends daughters belongs to a professional sorority and they hosted it. It was very nice. Another best friend went as well as the others Mom and a sister. After it was over we took my friends daughter and her future roommate for next year and walked around campus some and then had Starbucks and people watched. It was a fantastic afternoon except for when we went to walk over this tall walkway that crossed a road and I looked down one side and was fine but when I looked down on the other side I suddenly FROZE! I could not move! My friend actually had to push me across. Scary! I honestly thought I'd gotten over my fear of heights.

It was a great weekend but boy did it fly! This week I lost another 2.4 pounds for a total now of 59. YAY!!! My neighbor and a lady at Weight Watchers gave me some clothes so it was fun trying those on especially when the smaller sizes were fitting. Some still didn't fit but I put them in the ....soon to wear pile. I know I WILL get into them.

Well, it's late so I think I should get my butt to bed. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and picked up the freebie on the Truly Inspired Haunted Blog Train.

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Mental Notez said...

Congrats on the newest weigh in!! You soooo rock!!