Monday, November 10, 2008


I'm so excited! Can you see me jumping around in my seat? Ready to skip around???

I've been chosen to be an assistant manager at my favorite forum, Devine Destiny. Two other ladies will be joining me as new AM's too....Judy and Chris....both fabulous ladies! The group is owned by Meredith and her co-managers are Kimberly and Janelle. All SUPER women!

I'm just so dang excited about it I can barely sit in my chair! hehehe

Check it out! A fun place to be if you like to be involved in a copyright aware environment. Games, Challenges, Gem of the Week, and just some chit chat are just a few of the things offered.

Thanks to Mere, Kimberly and Janelle for the chance to join them. Watch out! Here come Chris, Judy and I *big smile*

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Mental Notez said...

Congratulations!! I am very happy for you!