Monday, February 16, 2009


I've been challenged by my wonderful friends Kimberly and Michal!
Go to your photo folder in your computer.
Go to the 6th folder of photos.
Go to the 6th picture.
Put the picture on your blog and a description of it.
Invite 6 friends to join the challenge.
Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged.

My photo is above since the damn things never let me load where I want them!
This is a picture of the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia.
It was taken from our car. We were heading to Myrtle Beach, SC
and decided on a whim to stop to look at this bridge and ended
up driving clear down under it, around and back up the other side.
It was getting dark as you can see from the pic and I just wanted to
get out of there since the road was very narrow.
The boys were just fascinated since we had our son's best friend with us.
It's 876 feet high and quite a sight.
This picture really doesn't do it justice.
I'm taking the easy way out on this one.
Most people have done this challenge or are
currently being already challenged so if you aren't

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