Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tonight's Meeting

Do you ever do something and walk away feeling like you could walk on air with the new information? Tonight I feel like that. I FINALLY broke my barrier and lost 2.2 this past week for a total of 91.6! WOOHOO! I thought I'd NEVER get past 90 pounds. The past week has been full of stress and although I was eating right, I put all other thoughts of the plan out of my head. I didn't even exercise. Now I know I can't do that often or it will catch me, but for this week it worked and that's all that mattered.

What really has me feeling so good inside too is meeting the lady before the meeting that Kelly, our AWESOME leader, brought over and being able to tell her that Yes, it CAN be done. I remember how she has to be feeling at this point when you think....there's too much too lose....I can't do this...and YES, it CAN be done! I remember that first meeting and listening to 2 sisters who had lost over 60 and 90 pounds and how inspired I felt by them to know that it could be achieved. Although, I'm a long way from goal even lost over 90 pounds, I continue to know I CAN do this and I WILL!

One little added note......Kelly, if you do read this this week, I'm not just sucking up....without your continuous motivation and encouragement and enthusiasm each week, this would be a much harder journey. THANKS for always giving that little encouragement when I really seem to need it most. :-)

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