Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Add another one

Add another pound to the GONE pile! Lost one pound this past week on the nose. Considering I've figured that if I'm stressing I tend to hold on to the weight like the feelings, my weight was up since the weekend even though I've been eating right.

Today though I didn't have work so I challenged myself to keep busy and get some things done around the house. When my son got home from work he actually was looking around asking why it was so clean. LOL Now I hadn't really cleaned anything but put away the dishes on the drying rack in the kitchen and run the sweeper down the steps (my Dirt Devil just sucks might I add....and not in a good way!) But in just picking up he thought it looked better. I did clean out my medicine cabinet which is 3 parts. Want to guess how old the oldest medicine I found in there was? 1989. Yep, can you believe it! Now I know it hasn't been that long since I went through that stuff but it must have slid by me somehow. LOL A whole big bag of garbage!

So this next week I'm challenging myself to be MORE active and moving more. I also need to eat more filling foods. I tend to eat something I like for more points and then not have a full meal. Not good. My neighbors FIL is hoping to hit 100 pounds lost next week and I don't want to be left in his dust.

94.4....not too shabby :-)

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Debi said...

You are doing such a fine job in your weight loss journey. You look very different than when you started. You must feel so much better also. Keep up the great work! You will be svelte by summer!!!!!!!!!!!