Sunday, March 8, 2009


I want to thank Michal for giving me this award.
She has SO much creativity and I'm glad to see her again.
Since I've had it before I'm not going to hand it out again.
But thanks Michal sweetie!
Speaking of friendship.....
I honestly have some of the BEST friends both offline and on.
I absolutely LOVE spending time with friends.
Yesterday, it was finally nice here in PA (is gloomy again today)
and we spent the day outside talking with our neighbors who aren't just
neighbors but some of our best friends. It was a FABULOUS day!
Online, I grow to like the women in our forum more and more every day.
We're currently having an auction with prizes of tubes, scrap kits,
tags, and gift certs for many of the popular tube sites.
You earn "gems" for completing different tasks
like making a tag for someone or even just playing a game!
We have a wide variety of things to do each day
and are always looking for members who have a little time to give
and want to make some new friends.
If this sounds interesting to you, click HERE.
We'd love to see you in our copyright aware HOME.
I'll be back later with a freebie Word Art I'm working on.
Have a WONDERFUL Sunday!!!

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