Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Worry wart

I'm such a worry wart. I'm emotional and wear my emotions on my sleeve.

Today I've been about sick with a horrible headache that I know is all stress. My son is having his wisdom teeth out tomorrow. Now before you tell me it's no big deal....let me explain. Probably 10 years ago, I needed to have one wisdom tooth out. The oral surgeon felt that the other ones would never bother me, but this particular one was causing me considerable pain. So I went. Even now 10 years later, I have no feeling near the corner of my mouth because I had nerve damage. I went back and forth to the surgeon as he kept hoping the feeling would come back. It never did. I also had a dry socket. NOT fun. So, the dentist and orthodontist have been telling me for easily 2 years that my son's wisdom teeth needed to come out. With him soon to graduate and not going to have insurance any longer, I made the appointment. The surgeon even commented that he wasn't sure I wasn't going to be the one who needed the Valium. I'm not taking him. I'm making my husband take the day off work to take him because I know I can't. Now before you think I'm a terrible Mom, I have hidden these feelings as much as possible from my son. He knows why I've held off scheduling this surgery and my misgivings, but he doesn't know how much I'm struggling right now. I've battled back the emotions around him all evening. I'm SUCH a wuss! The surgeon has assured me that this is why we take them out as teens because it reduces the chances considerably of nerve damage. He also feels if we follow his directions to a T, that my son will be fine. Tell me that next week when it's over. Right now I can't help but worry. It's just the way I am.

AND....just where are you Steve, Deb and Donna??????? We miss you IMMENSELY!!!!

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Diane Duda said...

Mine should come out too. They bother me every once in while, but I've never even had a cavity and am scared to death.
I had to take my nephew to get his out a few months ago and he was just fine. More often than not that is how it works out. I'm sure he'll be okay.