Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heavy Heart

My heart is so heavy today. My cousin Linda's husband, Dennis, passed away on May 8 at the young age of 44. His funeral was today and it was simply a beautiful service with so many references to what a good person he was and how much he loved his family. It was heart wrenching to watch his 17 year old daughter today just sobbing as her mother tried to comfort her while you could see she was also grieving. The look of his parents crumbling in front of me told how much they loved him. Then we did a procession up the large hill at Seton Hill University where he worked and turned a corner to see his coworkers lining both sides of the street. They all are moments that will stay with me for a very long time.

I also found out last night that an online friend had passed away at the young age of 38. I didn't know Cristi well, but I really enjoyed her kindness and talent making tags while in the forum she ran with Patty.

My devastation continued last night when I heard my niece hadn't done well this semester again and probably would not be returning to IU. I'm so disappointed and yet after experiencing everything today, I had to write my sister that I know everything happens for a reason and maybe this would be a turn to brighter things for her. I also asked her to take a few minutes today to just be glad her daughter was here.

Good news was that I lost 2.4 pounds this past week for a total of 111.4. Yay! I can honestly say that I didn't "hear" much of the meeting tonight as my mind kept wandering and I didn't want the tears to start again. Tomorrow is a new day to become focused again. Tonight my heart is just too heavy to want to focus.

Rest in Peace, Dennis and Cristi

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Crystal said...

My heart is with you and your family...It is so hard to lose someone and at such a young age is so devastating.I am so sorry to hear that... Many Hugs Denise!

On the brighter note congrats on your weight loss that is awesome!!! Hugs!